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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Chow Champ

Sgt. Herbert P. Allensbach, Forest Hills, N.Y., who was voted best cook in the Ninth Air Force.  He's a whizz with powdered eggs.

YANK 11 March 1945 Continental Edition

Friday, March 08, 2013

Jungle Latrine

One of Howard Brodie's amazing sketches.  From the Library of Congress.

Update-John J. Wilpers Jr.

John J. Wilpers Jr., the Army intelligence officer who helped arrest Hideki Tojo in 1945, dies.

Read the Washington post article HERE

or read the reprint HERE

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Five Day Attack on Hastings Ridge

Read the story of The Five Day Attack on Hastings Ridge by Sgt. Mack Morris

Read the story HERE

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hurry Call

S/Sgt. J. O. Clayton (right) in Noumea, New Caledonia, woke up two Medic Captains, R. O. Moore and H. R. Willard, to cure his dog's convulsions one night. 

YANK 11 March 1945 Continental Edition

Prepping a Rogers' Raider

Not a minstrel show but a night patrol across the Roer impels Pvt. Ed Diamond of Rogers' Raiders to put on lamp-blacking.  This job's a lot different from his Army studies in engineering at Purdue ASTP.

Photo by Sgt. Reg Kenny

YANK 11 March 1945 Continental Edition

The Noise

In the fight for Duren a mortar burst temporarily deafened T/Sgt. John Demeduk, platoon sergeant, at the Roer crossing.

Photo by Sgt. Reg Kenny

YANK 11 March 1945 Continental Edition

Monday, March 04, 2013

Portrait of a Tired Soldier

An army advances because the individual doughs in the line advance.  Most of them keep movig; some of them fall; others, like Pfc. Joseph F. Leradi of Philadelphia, Pa., do their job until weariness is etched in every line of their bodies.  YANK's Pfc. Pat Coffey made this photo at the 80th Division field hospital on the Third Army front.

YANK  11 March 1945 Continental Edition

Cover 11 Mar 1945 Continental Edition

These tank destroyers accompanying the Eighth Infantry Division, First Army, down the main street of Duren, Germany, are the first U. S. armored vehicles to enter the ruined queen city of the Roer.

YANK 11 March 1945 Continental Edition

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Schweinfurt Raid

Read the story about the Schweinfurt Raid in the B-17 Flying Fortress named YANK.  By Sgt. Walter Peters

Read the article HERE

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patricia Dane

YANK Pin Up girl for 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition.  Patricia Dane.  She was a young starlet in the 40's.  She acted in about 16 movies.  She was noted for telling off an MGM studio exec which probably tanked her career.  She was married to Tommy Dorsey for about 4 years in the 1940's.  Her birth name was Thelma Pippen.  She was about 25 when this picture was taken.  She died in Florida in 1995. 



Thoughts on the Huertgen Forest

...The infantry, free from the claustrophobia of the Huertgen Forest, went on, but behind them they left their dead, and the forest will stink with deadness long after the last body is removed. The forest will bear the scars of our advance long after our own scars have healed, and the Infantry has scars that will never heal.

For Huertgen was agony, and there was no glory in it except the glory of courageous men--the MP whose testicles were hit by shrapnel and who said, "okay, Doc, I can take it"; the man who walked forward firing Tommy guns with both hands until his arm was blown off and then kept firing the other Tommy gun until he disappeared in a mortar burst...

--Sgt. Mack Morriss

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sad Sack - Rough Sea

Five Rising Suns

Read the short article about one amazing LST and it's hard working crew.  The article was written by  Cpl. OZZIE ST. GEORGE YANK Staff Correspondent.

Read the article HERE

YANK 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

News from Home

Read some of the interesting and wacky news stories from home; taken from the 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition.


A Little Music

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Panama Chow Line

Sgt. Stanley V. Sowa, with an aircraft-warning outfit in Panama, saved his fellow GIs from almost starving when he took over the mess call for these honey bears (coatimundi).  Before the Sergeant began feeding them each day at about 1100 and 1600, they were invading the kitchens any time they could for anything they could find. The honey bear gang is led by a lively monkey by the name of Jocko.

Jungle War

Read "Jungle War" in YANK Stories.  This was an article taken from a wounded soldier's intelligence report of the fight in New Guinea>

Read the article HERE

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cover 4 May 1945 Mediterranean Edition

The weary tank commander catching fourty winks is Sgt. Westly E. Stewart of Los Angeles.  With the rest of the First Armored Division, he had just taken Vergato in the power drive of the Fifth Army's "big push" on the Bologna front in Italy.

The above precious little piece of YANK was no doubt a family treasure for the past 68 years of Stewart Family.  Westly's son contacted us on the Twitter site to see if we could locate a copy.  If anyone knows where he can get this edition let us know.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cover 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

The Jap 75mm antiaircraft gun of 1928 vintage was captured in New Guinea and sent by Ordnance Intelligence men to an information and testing lab in Australia.  T-4 Newton W. Smith of East Orwell, Ohio, and T/Sgt. Charles L. Merrill of New Berry, S. C., are shown learning the gun's operation.
YANK 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

Gem –Studded Detail

GOODENOUGH ISLAND—(Papua New Guinea) That peculiarly loathsome detail, hauling sand, has suddenly taken on quite an allure for the enlisted men of one general hospital in this area. Their gravel pit, you see,  is loaded with diamonds.

Scarcely of a size or nature that will lead to any of the enlisted men's retiring after the war, the stones are nevertheless worth looking for. Varying in size from pinheads to peas, some are worth as much as a quid.  Pvt. Arnold L.  Anderson of Lomita, Calif., recently found one worth three quid.  This find, incidentally, led to the next few gravel trucks being filled in record time that the detail might knock off and crawl through the pit on their hands and knees,  hoping  for some  of  Pvt. Anderson's luck.

Pvt. RAY CHRISTIANSEN YANK Field Correspondent.

YANK 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

Bloody Basin

Read the short article on Bloody Basin in the war in Italy in 1944 by Sgt. Burgess Scott

Read it HERE

YANK 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best of Yank (excerpt)

Read the excerpt from "The Best of Yank" introduction; a book put together by the editors of YANK magazine in 1944.  Read it HERE

This will give you some idea what the YANK correspondents went through to get some of these great stories.

The Stolen Stripper

Read the funny story about the Stolen Stripper.


Update on Audrey McClure


Update on Audrey McClure.  Click HERE or

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

This weeks cover is Audrey McClure, wife of M/Sgt. James H. McClure of Chevy Chase, Md. Her beauty and "All-American" charm won her first place in the YANK Sweetheart Contest over 2,500 sweethearts, wives, and sisters left behind by GIs in the Southwest Pacific.
YANK 18 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition

Friday, October 05, 2012

First Blood

M/Sgt. Clifford Stoner and his lucky .50-cal.  A ground man in New Guinea, he brought down a Zero first time he ever fired a machine gun.
YANK 1 Sept 1944

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cover 1 Sept 1944

His carbine resting within easy grabbing distance, Pfc. Russell Smith of my Monona, Iowa, toys with a light lunch of K rations in his foxhole near La Haye du Puits, better known as Hooey La Pooey, France. The cigar and the battered topper were found by Smith in an abandoned Nazi dugout. The picture was taken by Yank photographer Sgt. Reg Kenny.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Running Away

These are Germans evacuating Rome. Before any Allied troops entered the capital city, and Italian took these pictures of the withdrawing Germans from the upper story window of the house were he had concealed himself. Later he gave them to YANKs Sgt. George Aarons, who reached Rome with the first Allied patrols.


These German paratroopers are young and have not fought long. Now they are prisoners, captured after fierce action outside Velletri, below Rome.

YANK 7 July 1944

Ride of His Life

German sniper has grandstand seat in a jeep procession in France. Vehicle mounts two machine guns, one .50 caliber and one. 30 light.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rangers Climb into Hell

Rangers climbed up this rope ladder to surprise and silence a Jerry gun crew at the cliff's top. 
Part of D-Day operations.

YANK 7 July 1944

Cover 7 July 1944

When in Rome, hold a Roman baby and be popular with the populace, says Pvt. Ben Pollack who was among the first American soldiers to enter the former Axis capital.  YANK's Sgt. George Aarons photographed Pvt. Pollack standing on a motorcycle surrounded by a happy, well-dressed crowd.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pvt. James O'Banner of Memphis Tennessee, first Negro infantryman to kill a Jap, notches his carbine. He scored the kill on a patrol at Bougainville where the 93rd division saw its first action.
Photo by Sgt. Dillon Ferris

Friday, August 28, 2009

Picnic at Sansapor

It wasn't all war and destruction. Sometimes it was just a picnic. The GIs were ready to fight but no one came out to fight.

Read Sgt. Charles Pearson's story of the Picnic at Sansapor.

Read the full article HERE

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Battle Score

Tadji, New Guinea

Three Nips killed and one GI shirt lost was S/Sgt. Gordon Clapshaw's battle score.

YANK 25 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

The Morning After

Tadji, New Guinea

The morning after they had mowed down a whole column of Japs, S/Sgt. John B. Dicken, Pvt. Paul E. Troutman and Pfc. Joe A. Angel take a cautious look around their foxhole.

YANK 25 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

It's Hotter'n Hell at Andimeshk

Read Sgt. Burtt Evans amusing tale of putting up with the heat for our GIs serving in Iran. Yes I said Iran.

Read the full Article HERE

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Persistent Moser


2nd Lt. Ernest Moser of Sagiknaw, Mich., is a persistent guy, which is an understatement if you ever saw one. Moser joined the Army twice and applied 8 times to become a pilot in the Army. Even then, with his ten years of flying experience in civilian life, it took two Generals, Kenny and Arnold to push through waivers to get the job done. For a while he was the only flying T/Sgt. rated as a service pilot.

YANK 25 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

Marie McDonald

Marie McDonald was the Pin-up Girl for YANK for 25 Aug 1944.

Marie appeared in about 24 Hollywood productions. Her nickname for a while was "the body."
Unfortunately she died of an overdose in 1965 at the age of 42. She was about 21 when this picture was taken.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sgt. Pete Paris

Sgt. Pete Paris the first enlisted man to report for duty on the editorial staff of YANK when it was activated in 1942, was killed in action June 6 on the Normandy beachhead while he was covering the D-Day landings of the 1st Division for this magazine.

Pete was an illistrator and photographer. He took some award winning photos during the African campain.

Pete Paris was 30 years old.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

The Battle of Belvedere

Read the action packed story by Sgt. James P. O'Neill about the 100th and 442nd fight one day in Italy. These are our proud "most decorated" Japanese-American soldiers who gave there all in WWII.

Read the full story of "The Battle of Belvedere" HERE

YANK 25 Aug 1944

YANK Cover 27 Aug 1944 British Edition

"KAMERAD!" The jig is up for this Nazi officer, and a couple of MPs intend to see it stays that way.

YANK 27 Aug 1944 British Edition

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sad Sack "Information"

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Rookie Veteran

Lois Konantz of St. Paul, Minn., joins the WAC in London as a Pfc. Reason: she transferred from the Women's Auxiliary Air Force of the RAF where she'd been serving for almost three years.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

BAR man in Italy

Pfc. Nakana cleaning his favorite weapon, a BAR.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Buffalo blasts away

A buffalo goes into action on the beach at Numfor. The crew directs fire on Jap defenders who have dug themselves into the blasted rubble beyond the beach.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Pvt. Henry (Slim) Nakamora

Pvt. Henry (Slim) Nakamora smiles happily as he rests his hands on his hard-working bazooka. With this bazooka, operating the two-man weapon by himself, Slim was able to knock out a German Pz Kw IV tank.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There will be a ......

Listen to Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters sing "Hot Time"

when those YANKs go marching in

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Taking off with the Tanks

Read this great eye witness report from Sgt. Walter Peters when he went out with the tanks, on road against the Germans in France.

Read the full article HERE

YANK 20 Aug 1944 British Edition

Cover 25 Aug 1944

The man at rest is Cpl. Thomas O'Neal, 2nd Marine Division. He is sitting in front of his M4 tank in the town of Garapan on the island of Saipan after the Japs had been wiped out. Tin roofs and signs provide some makeshift camouflage for the tank.

Photo by YANK photographer Sgt. Bill Young.

YANK 25 Aug 1944

Cover 25 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

The well worn, expressive GI shoes were painted by Sgt. George E. Porter Jr., who is with the 5th Photographic Technical Squadron in New Guinea. Sgt. Porter spent six pre-induction years in New York City doing commercial art work with one of the larger advertising agencies. In addition to this, his paintings in the field of fine arts have been exhibited in the 57th Street Galleries in New York and in Florida. The sergeant didn't say whether his own (or somebody else's) brogans served as the models for this painting.

YANK 25 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

Update on David Green

The following was a comment left by a relative:

David had 12 children, now there are 88 offspring! All in Westminster, Maryland. My grandmother gave me one of these photos. People all over the country sent them to "Parents of CPL. David Green", Westminster, MD.

See more of them on

Thanks for these wonderful comments and updates -- YANK

Monday, August 24, 2009

GI Washing Machine

Flyers working out of African desert airfields improvise a wash tub by lighting a fire under a British petrol tin so they can do their laundry.

YANK 20 Aug 1944 British Edition

Golly What Gams!

Radio City Music Hall Rockettes with plaque made for them from bits of a South Pacific flyers who've picked theses gals as "ideal."

YANK 20 Aug 1944 British Edition