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Happy Halloween

Saturday Evening Post Cover 31 Oct 1942
Artist Charles Kaiser

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YANK for your walls

This is a photographic presentation we created for a relative of a GI's story in YANK magazine. This image mounts into a 16x20 frame. The cover shot is to the exact size of the original YANK cover.

Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin
YANK Pin Up Girl 21 Jan 1945 Continental Edition

Deanna was once one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. By age 14 she was the most highly paid female star in the world. She had a wonderful singing voice. When she was at the top of her career as Hollywood's leading actress and singer, she turned her back on that world for a life of seclusion. At this writing she is still alive and living in France. She has not been interviewed since 1949. She was about 23 or 24 in the above picture.

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21 Jan 1945 Continental Edition

After the Fourth Armored Division broke through to the Bastogne pocket, many German prosoners were taken. Here Pvt. Frank Kelly an MP of the Fourth, leads a group of PWs to the rear as U.S. halftracks move forward.

YANK 21 Jan 1945 Continental Edition

Read the entire issue: HERE


Sights like these were common during the now historic siege of Bastogne. Here three men of the 101st Airborne Division guard an outpost.

YANK 21 Jan 1945

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1942 Poster

"Charm" The Sad Sack


The bridge above Salerno was still under fire ten days after the Allied landings. It was only harassing fire, which one dodged as one dodges traffic, yet it threatened to sever communications between the north and south forces. For days strong British patrols probed the hills behind Salerno, searching for the one 88-mm. gun which spasmodically threw its shells at the vital span linking the coastal highway. Back at headquarters a little Italian girl came in, escorted by an AMG official. " Her name's Alma," the official said. " She can tell you where that battery's located."
Alma began to speak excitedly in Italian, with gestures. A staff officer laid a large-scale map in front of her and asked her to point out the position. But Alma didn't understand the map. The staff officer explained to the AMG official that the girl's information was of no value as far as counter-firing went. Alma, when informed, offered to lead them to a hill overlooking the position. The staff officer protested that it would mean danger for her, but Alma wasn't afraid.
Not long afterward the staff officer, an artillery observer and a patrol led by a little Italian girl were climbing into the hills. A field telephone was passed to the artillery officer, who gave the command to fire. The first round was short and almost blew the men and Alma off the hill. The next two were almost on the target. They watched intently as the German crew struggled to get their 88 out of the cavern at whose mouth it had been concealed. The fourth round was a direct hit.

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Soft Pinch

If only all MPs were like Republic's movie starlet Helen Talbot. If only all MPs were line Helen Talbot. If only all MPs were like Helen Talbot.

Helen was a Hollywood actress from Kansas who was credited with making at least 18 movies from 1943 to 1946. She left Hollywood behind when she married an ex navy pilot in 1946. She was about 20 when this picture was taken.

YANK 27 Oct 1944

Mess Trench

To protect themselves from strafing by the Luftwaffe, Ninth Air Force GIs in France get their chow served from a tent-covered underground kitchen and form their chow line in a trench.

YANK 27 Oct 1944

Persian Posters

Railroading GIs bunking at Camp Atterbury, Iran, have this homey baseball scoreboard. PX gripes get taken for a ride in the cigarette and razor-blade ads.

YANK 27 Oct 1944


Three times 1st Sgt. Thomas E. Valentine refused to go to OCS. He feared he'd be shifted from the 27th Division, New York's Fighting Irish. His obstinacy paid off and, in the hospital with wounds received fighting at Saipan, he got a direct commission as a second lieutenant with his beloved 27th.

YANK 27 Oct 1944

Fisherman in France

Sgt. "Hooks" Hill, a Fort Worth (Tex.) boy came to France on a tour conducted by the 3d infantry Division, pauses to drop a line in the Doube River near Avanne for old times' sake.

YANK 27 Oct 1944

Gail Manners

Gail Manners YANK pin up girl for 24 Oct 1943

Love, Sex and World War II

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, young Americans knew instinctively that their lives would never be the same. The "normal" sequence of events – education or work, marriage, children – had been blown to bits and, as they would soon discover, so had long-held attitudes toward love and sex.

In her new book, Thanks For The Memories: Love, Sex and World War II, award-winning author Jane Mersky Leder destroys the historical myth that young men and women went about the business of war and stayed on the straight and narrow path. World War II provided new opportunities for sexual experimentation, hasty marriages, flourishing prostitution, and for love connections that have stood the test of time."

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24 October 1943 British Edition

Chow Time In Italy. A couple of kids in Musso's former domain find a friend in Cpl. John Chiola, of Johnstown, Pa.

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17 June 1942 The First Issue

It is appropriate that we start our fledgling web site with the very first issue of YANK which is dated 17 June 1942.

Read the entire issue: HERE

If you would like to run the music you hear here in the background you can go to the start page at:

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New Web Site Coming


We just purchased a large web site from We are going to turn it into a full blown PDF site for YANK Magazine. Instead of getting bits and pieces here at this blog, you will be able go to the new PDF site and view the actual pages of YANK. You can sit there and read to your hearts content. It will take a couple of weeks to just get it started. We will continue to add to it on a regular basis and also post snippits here to highlight pages as we load them to the site.

The new site will be at when we get it up and running.

Stay tuned for more.