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Iwo Jima Medical Facilities

March 1945. Medical facilities, Iwo Jima plus nine. This image is one of many taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle in the aftermath of the landing at Iwo Jima.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society.

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Red Cross Worker

Betty Sullivan, a Red Cross worker, serves coffee in the interrogation room at Kobler Field, Saipan, for a B-29 flight crew that had just returned from a bombing mission. This photo is one of a large of number of studies taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle during the latter stages of the war in the Pacific.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society.

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Nurse with wounded on Iwo Jima

March 1945, Iwo Jima. At Iwo Jima Airfield #1 a flight nurse talks with wounded Marines who are about to be evacuated by airplane. Mount Surabachi, from which the U.S. flag was first flown ten days before, can be seen in the background. This photograph is one of many taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle during the prolonged battle for Iwo Jima. She was present within nine days of the first Marine landing.

Dickey Chapelle was later killed in the Vietnam War but not before leaving us with a legacy of amazing photographs.

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Photo Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society
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Russian Miracle Man

Read about this 17 year old kid, Constantin Kostantinov, who mowed down 74 Germans and thwarted an attack in Russia on the same day Pearl Harbor was attacked, 7 Dec 1941.

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Sketch by Howard Brodie

Rough color by

Anti Aircraft

Saturday Evening Post cover for 2 March 1942.

"Anti Aircraft" by Stevan Dohanos

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Bong-Ace of Aces

General Douglas MacArthur congratulates Richard I. Bong, World War II Ace of Aces from Poplar, Wisconsin after awarding him the Congressional Medal of Honor at an airstrip on Leyte Island, Philippines.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society.

Read more about Richard Bong and his amazing record HERE.

Unfortunately Bong was killed in 1945 performing duties as a test pilot at what is now Edwards Air Force Base.

World War II Poster

This very sad poster depicts the gold star flag which families hung in their windows signifying a loss of a loved one to the war. The implication is, that talking about privileged war information can get people killed, as this dog's sailor master must have met his fate.

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World War II Poster

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Maria Montez

Maria Montez was the YANK Pin Up Girl for 29 Nov 1942. She was a popular actress in Hollywood during WWII. She was of Spanish decent born in the Dominican Republic.

Maria made movies from 1940 to 1951. In 1942 she had just finished "Arabian Nights" when this issue of YANK came out.

Maria tragically drowned in her bathtub on 7 Sept 1951, in Paris, France. She was 39 years old.

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29 Nov 1942 British Editiion

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These Clerks Saw Action

Desk men in MacArthur's GHQ won stripes the hard way-under fire. Read about the early days of action General MacArthur's own staff members went through before being assigned to office duties at Headquarters.

How would like to roll gasoline drums off into the Pacific waters in the middle of the night and swim them in to shore. Then roll them 2 miles inland to a hidden airbase on Timor through knee deep swamps.

Article by Sgt. Dave Richardson

Sketch by Cpl. Fred Ray AAF

Rough color by

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Cover 18 Feb 1944

This rough, tough and heavily burdeded soldier is Pvt. Richard M. Moore of Baltimore, Md. attached to a Parachute Infantry regiment in New Guinea. He is pictured wearing full equipment before boarding a plane. Paratroopers in New Guinea were used with notable success in capturing Lae.

YANK 18 Feb 1944