Monday, April 09, 2007

Time 9 April 1945

Time Magazine Cover for 9 April 1945 featuring General George Patton. You can read this entire issue of Time HERE

Night Duty

Night Duty painted by Franklin Boggs who was an Abbott Laboratories Artist.

Read more about Franklin Boggs HERE

First Mission

Read this article "First Mission" by Sgt. Saul Levitt about the typical first mission over the dangerous skys of France delivering bombs and surviving.

You are riding away from France now. And eastward there's a line of smoke climbing into the sky. You open the radio-room door to the bomb bay, and there is one flak hole. Just one. You look around to find more. That single piece of hot iron ripped through the bay and went somewhere. But just where? Clanton comes up and points, and you follow his finger around to where that little hunk of iron went—in the wall a foot from your head.

Read the article HERE

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YANK 31 March 1944

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Infantry Battle in New Georgia (2)

Read about this amazing jungle fight in New Georgia. We are reposting this article that we posted last September as we are reorganizing our web site and relocating the article.

This is a fast loading article for all you who have slow connection speeds. There are no pictures, just very interesting reading about some of the viscious fighting in WWII.

Read the article HERE

Friday, April 06, 2007

Mental Breakdowns in the Army

What causes psychoneurosis at the front lines? Usually it does not develop in men who have a clear idea of the necessity for the war and understand why they had to get into a GI uniform and do the fighting.

Read this article by Sgt. Mack Morriss

It covers three PDF pages. Read the article here: Page 8, Page 9, Page 10.

Artwork by Cpl. Ruge.

Keep in mind this article was issued to the GI's who did the fighting in 1944. It may not have bearing by modern psychological theories. It may not also take into account the tremendous impact explosives and shelling can have on the human brain. The issue of combat fatigue was very common in WWII. It was misunderstood by many Generals, i.e. General Patton slapping a soldier in a hospital ward trying to snap him out it. By the way, that doesn't work.

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YANK 31 March 1944

Burial at Sea

Another of many farwells to a comrade buried at sea from the decks of countless of Navy ships.

Finishing touches

An aircraft worker is putting the finishing touches on one of the thousands of aircraft manufactured for World War II.

Jane Randolph

Jane Randolph was featured in a previous blog posting. She was YANK's very first Pin Up Girl on 17 June 1942. She had a brief career as a Hollywood actress from about 1941 to 1955. She later married and moved to Spain. She was about 23 when this picture was taken. She should be about 88 today.

This a colorized version of the black and white shot that originally appeared in YANK. Colorization was done by

Monday, April 02, 2007

Island Game

Saturday Evening Post Cover by Stevan Dohanos for 21 April 1945 titled Island Game. One of the funniest covers for all of World War II.

Corsair Junk

Wreckage of a F4U-Corsair is salvaged as a spare parts unit for other Corsairs in the Pacific


Inferno by William F. Draper

This painting depicts the village of Charou Kanan, Saipan, the sugar mill became an inferno on D-Day. As the flames leap to the sky, Marines stealthily creep forward. Enemy mortar fire falls over the beachhead causing many casualties to the men and supplies.

Oil on canvas, October 29, 1944

Puerto Rican Soldier

Pvt. Fulano de Tal, the typical GI, is proud of his island, fights well and likes rice, beans and the rumba.

Read this article by Sgt. Lou Stoumen here at Page 7

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YANK 31 March 1944