Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ads in America - 1945- New England Mutual

This ad appeared in The Saturday Evening Post 21 April 1945.

A sailor wrote this in a letter to us after coming off a night watch at sea in the tropics. He was asking about his privileges as a veteran under the G. I. Bill of Rights, and what his chances would be for a post-war job.
These questions are close to the heart of every fighting man, for we've had thousands of similar requests from all branches of the service, and from every combat theater, as well as from men already demobilized.
To give them complete answers, we have put together a 4o-page booklet, "Information for Veterans," described below. It's free. We shall be glad to send it to you to forward to your son, husband, or friend in the service. It contains information he wants.
If you yourself are a veteran just returning to civilian life, you will find the booklet especially timely. Address us at 501 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
Men in the Armed Forces ... If this magazine happens to reach you and you'd like us to send you the booklet, -write to us direct.