Wednesday, September 13, 2006

De Soto Products Are In Action

De Soto Products Are In Action

On War Fronts Abroad and At Home

Yes, De Soto can be followed to the battle-fronts of the world—where famous Sherman tanks go into action; where the great B-26 Marauder bombers take the air; -where mighty Bofors anti-aircraft cannon brilliantly repel enemy attack.
The same craftsmen, who used to make De Soto cars for you, are now making vital parts of these most powerful and essential weapons of modern war. There can be no greater evidence of De Soto war-time quality and service than the performance of these weapons whenever they go into action.
On the war-fronts at home, De Soto holds firmly its place in the Nation's transportation system with half a million vehicles in essential use, and also by the thorough job being done by De Soto dealers everywhere in maintaining, in top condition, these De Soto products of peace.

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Life Magazine 6 Sept 1943