Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gem –Studded Detail

GOODENOUGH ISLAND—(Papua New Guinea) That peculiarly loathsome detail, hauling sand, has suddenly taken on quite an allure for the enlisted men of one general hospital in this area. Their gravel pit, you see,  is loaded with diamonds.

Scarcely of a size or nature that will lead to any of the enlisted men's retiring after the war, the stones are nevertheless worth looking for. Varying in size from pinheads to peas, some are worth as much as a quid.  Pvt. Arnold L.  Anderson of Lomita, Calif., recently found one worth three quid.  This find, incidentally, led to the next few gravel trucks being filled in record time that the detail might knock off and crawl through the pit on their hands and knees,  hoping  for some  of  Pvt. Anderson's luck.

Pvt. RAY CHRISTIANSEN YANK Field Correspondent.

YANK 25 Feb 1944 Down Under Edition