Friday, August 07, 2009

News from Home


Dr. Walter Allison, 75-year-old Hope physician who was to face a grand jury on charges of violating the Federal narcotics law, was shot to death in his office after he had attempted to shoot two Federal agents who had gone there to question him.


San Francisco's Police Chief Dullea authorized employment of women traffic cops as a means of solving the department's manpower shortage.

California was reported by the Selective Service in Washington to have more draft dodgers than any other state--5,000 of the nations's 30,000.


Dr. William Wrang, who had arranged a golf exhibition match at the Edgewood Country Club in Middletown featuring Gene Sarazen, was called away to perform an appendectomy; he returned before the end of the match with the appendix in a vial.

Henry Rosenstock, known to Yale students as Henry of Mory's died in a New Haven hospital after serving students in the famous eating place for 32 years.

District of Columbia

The Maritime Commission announced that a Liberty ship will be named for Edward Savoy, a Negro who before his death at the age of 88 last summer had served as messenger to 22 U.S. Secretaries of State over a period of 64 years.


Because of a shortage of towels, Jacksonville swimmers who use the municipal pools were asked to bring their own.


With the death of Francis Waterman of Rockford and Frank Hocking of Fairfield, both 99 years old, only 15 survivors of the Civil War were left in Illinois.


A house-to-house canvas of Cedar Rapids by the Junior Chamber of Commerce disclosed 124 persons available for work in war industries.

YANK 4 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition