Friday, August 07, 2009

News from Home

New York

Twelve women electricians and welders became the first of their sex to hold jobs in the New York Navy Yard at Brooklyn.

Four hundred German prisoners of war, the first of a contingent of 1,000, arrived at Fort Niagara for assignment to farms and food-processing plaants in the area.


Cincinnati has women street cleaners and a woman elevator operator in City Hall, all because of the manpower shortage.

An 11-day strike of bakery drivers in six major Toledo plants over wages and overtime provisions ended when drivers finally obeyed a National War Labor Board back-to-work order.

South Carolina

Moses Nevins strangled to death a wildcat that attacked him at night while he was walking along Highway No. 1 south of Cheraw.


Mrs. Lester Renfrow of Dallas announced that her baby daughter born on D Day would be named Invasia.

The Harrison Cunty Jail in Marshall was empty for the first time in 17 years.


Moonshining was staging a come-back in the Old Dominion State; Federal agents confiscated 57 stills in May, the largest number in a single month in 2 1/2 years.

Pedesrians who walk against a red light in Richmond, may be fined 50 cents to $5 under a new ordinance.


Castor oil was prescribed for Tacoma school children by a jokester who represented himself as a school physician when he telephoned their parents.

Hoquiam's City Council passed an ordinance providing for fines and jail sentences for proprietors of establishments who permit minors to play pinball machines.


Air-conditioning equipment in 50 percent of Milwaukee's bars, restaurants, stores and other establishments will not operate this summer because freon, the refrigerant in small cooling systems, is being used almost exclusively by the armed forces.

The state announced that mororists must get along next year with the same license plates they have used since 1942.

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