Thursday, March 08, 2007

News From Home

At Camp White, Ore., Sgt. Fred Barnett, of Hammond, Ind., received the Distinguished Service Cross from Major General James M. Bradley, while 10,000 of his fellow-soldiers saluted. The sarge, who is 31 years old and a widower, was honored for killing twenty Japs on Attu last June. A private at the time, he was a member of a battalion which was trapped by Jap snipers and boxed by two machine-gun emplacements. Barnett filled his pockets with grenades and dashed for the enemy position, firing his rifle as he ran. He succeeded in killing the snipers and the crew of one machine-gun before running out of ammunition, then bayoneted or slugged to death every Jap in the second machine-gun emplacement. His mother, Mrs. Edith Barnett, of Independence, Kan., and his daughter, Wanda Barnett, were on hand to see him receive the recognition he had earned.

YANK 19 March 1944 British Edition