Friday, March 30, 2007

Suprise Party at Eniwetok

This is the cover shot of the YANK 31 March 1944. The story is "Surprise Party at Eniwetok" by Sgt. Merle Miller. The eight photographs shot for this article were taken by Sgt. John A. Bushemi who lost his life in this fight. The following is an excerpt:

The second attempt came at 0100, when 40 Japs leaped from their holes about 30 yards from the marine lines and raced forward. Brandishing sabers, hurling grenades and screaming "Banzai! The f---ing marines will die!", they leaped into the marine foxholes. There was hand-to-hand combat, jujitsu, knifing and bayoneting. In less than 20 minutes, 40 Japs and 20 marines were killed on a line not more than 30 yards long.

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YANK 31 March 1944